Extraordinary Ordinary Things

Week 1: Introduction & Exploring CMOA’s “Extraordinary Ordinary Things” Exhibit

For our Fall 2021 Senior Studio project, we partnered with Carnegie Museum of Art to create experiences beyond the walls and ideas of the current exhibit in new, meaningful, participatory and inclusive ways. …

10/23 — What is personal safety? What does personal safety mean to me?

When I think of personal safety, I think about physical safety first. This could be most important because I need to know how to protect myself from dangerous situations whether it involves natural disasters or with other…

Propose a new on-the-go product experience that offers value to this category

-rising food prices that are discouraging waste and creating motivation to store and carry food
-the rise of eco conscious consumers who want to save money (a typical family wastes about $450 on throw-a-ways and creates thousands of…

Pittsburgh Shorts Film Festival Experience:
The event that I got to attend was the Pittsburgh Shorts Film Festival at SouthSide Cinema. I watched the Saturday 10:30AM “All Ages” series. Honestly, I did not have much expectations or excitement because I underestimated the depth that a short film can have. However…

  1. Take pictures of light/illumination
    -source & effect
    -color temperature
  2. PRINT (4 x 6)
  3. Emotional effect when shooting different types of light

November 6:
Today in class we put up everyone’s pictures of lights and illumination that they found on campus. Through looking at these pictures, we were able to divide up…

How to Gift Wrap
Before beginning to wrap gifts, always make sure you have the basic materials on you. For example, hand scissors, scotch tape, glue stick, paper cutter, and ball of wrapping twine in various colors!

  1. Prep your workspace
    -everything should be ready at hand
    -clean surface, clean hands; don’t put…

Introduction to Project 2
*only corrugated cardboard!!!*
role of carrier: to hold something in place & extend beyond just utility; rituals (pretend like I am taking this object and the carrier to a dinner party gift exchange event; gift wrapping)
*NOT decorating or making labels; NO color*
-interaction between the object and the package
-practical in size, assembly, and carrying methods
-no need to worry about mass production
-Elizabeth Sander’s concept of useful, useable, and desirable
-always think: “Is the carrier fun to interact with the object?”
To start…
1. explore structural & aesthetic forms of corrugated cardboard
2. generate various ideas that address TRANSPORTATION & GIFT PACKAGE
3. sketch models, make prototype (prototype: handmade model of products before manufacturers make them)

notes from 9/20/18 (Introduction of Project)

Wednesday, August 29, 2018 1:47 P.M.
Today, I went to Forbes Avenue and S. Bouquet Street. As I got off the 61D bus, I found a bench to sit on and took a 360 view around the area. The weather was definitely humid but a few breezes of wind were battling…

Sarah Lee

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